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The Building

After major renoveation of the building by the owners, Theresa and Pelham McClellan, they recieved the PAN AWARD from New York State. The award is given to individuals that restore and preserve buildings in historic districts.


The Bar

The bar is a combination of Cherry, Walnut, and Mahogany.  All the pieces are antique and restored by Mark Cherry, owner of Architectural Antique Exchange located in Philadelphia, PA.  Each piece was rescued from a different demolition project and brought here to be reassembled by Mark and his crew.


The Bar Mirror

Created by renowned glass engraver, Max Erlacher, whose previous work includes the engravings on a piece of Steuben that was presented as a gift from the USA to Princess Diana and Prince Charles in celebration of their wedding.

​The Windows

There are three antique lead filled windows at the Brewpub.  Two in the dining room and one in the stairway leading to the deck.  These windows were purchased from architectural Exchange in Philadelphia, PA.  They were home to a local Philadelphia bar that was to be demolished and were rescued and brought here.

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